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Whether it is a marquee wedding at home or at a venue you have perhaps spent weeks to find, a lot of people find it a bit confusing and expensive as well. Here are some basic factors for marquee hire Hindhead that you must keep in mind while undergoing the process.

  • The Ideal Venue – It would be great to choose a flat, grassland that can be easily accessed. If you are not arranging the wedding party on the land belonging to you, your family or friends, you will need to hire a venue. This is surely an expensive proposition, so if you don’t have your own land, ensure that you factor the whole thing within a reasonable budget.
  • A Perfect Marquee – As the next thing, you need to determine what kind of marquee you will prefer for the wedding, make sure your chosen marquee comes with suitable flooring. Wedding marquee options may include a stretch marquee, a tipi, a regular marquee, a kata and a yurt. Choose a marquee as per your requirement and budget, make sure you hire your chosen marquee only from a reputed supplier.

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  • Adequate number of Toilets – If there is no toilet facility on your site or the hired site, you will need to arrange for 10 toilet facilities for every 100 attendees. Don’t try to cut corners at least in terms of hiring this facility, even if you hire a site near to your home, it’s surely not worth it. Costs may differ considerably based on how fancy you want the toilets to be, consider the delivery cost while calculating the budget for this facility.
  • Furniture and Catering – This is the segment where things might get complicated. After you decide on the menu, you will need to choose a vendor for catering equipment hire Farnham and ensure that you have the needed space and equipment.
  • Catering Tent or Large Kitchen – It depends on your requirement whether you will need a large kitchen or a catering tent with ovens, fridges for the caterer. Your caterer is most likely to give you the complete list of their requirements – what they have and what you will need to hire.
  • Catering Staffs – It is likely that the caterer will bring the staffs for your event, typically they bill it separately. It can be broken down into tasks like cooks, waiters, bar staffs and kitchen porters, and into hours.
  • Plumbing – This is another important factor to consider, you need proper plumbing at the venue to ensure you are getting adequate and continuous supply of water to catering the marquee, the bar and also the toilets. Plumbing must be piped so you will need to hire a reputed professional plumber to take care of this facility.
  • Electrics and Generator – You will surely need electricity for catering equipment and band. Check beforehand if you will get the generator facility from the marquee company and who will be responsible for the entire set up and safety features. If you need to arrange all these on your own, you may need to hire a licenced and experienced electrical contractor.
  • Heating – Even if the wedding is held during summer, you will need some sort of heating later on. Heating comes in different forms from indoor electrical heater to thermostatically-controlled unit placed outside of the marquee. Usually marquee companies arrange for heating requirements.

These are a few things to take care of while hosting a marquee hire Hindhead for wedding wedding.