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Getting hitched this autumn? Congratulations! There’s something about autumn which makes it one of the most popular wedding months in the UK. And, opting for wedding marquee hire in Surrey can be your most informed decision if you are seeking a venue which truly stands out. But, are you perplexed about the ways to rejoice your autumn wedding in style? Read on.

With beautiful clear skies and golden crunchy leaves making the perfect dreamy wedding accompaniments, an autumn wedding can be perfect bliss for couples. Be it a quiet elopement or an autumn marriage, autumn weddings are all about picturesque locations, stunning colours and themes. From beautiful colourful leaves to the darker evenings, there’s a lot of autumnal inspiration which can be used to create the perfect wedding marquee.

Here’re a few brilliant ideas to give you all the inspiration you need for your big day.

Marquee Hire In Surrey: Unique Ideas For A Memorable Autumn Wedding

  1. Use Autumn Colour Schemes & Decorations

Let the colourful leaves of the beautiful autumn season match and complement the colour scheme of your wedding. Rusty colours like dark greens and oranges work perfectly with maroon, deep red and mocha. You can even decorate the venue in deep berry colours for a cosy warm feel and breathtaking photos. What’s more, you can even use real fruits like berries, grapes and apples for decorating the venue.

  1. Let Lighting Make The Difference

Autumn is all about cosy, warm tones and replicating them in your lighting can be a great way to style wedding marquees. To create a cosy ambience, you can add fairy lights or select warm-toned lighting. You may loosely drape fairy lights around archways or each table as well as over the beams to capture the romance of autumn perfectly.

  1. Choose Beautiful Scents

Scents play a crucial part in the mood and feel of a room. Whilst it’s true that you won’t like to overwhelm the guests with a strong aroma, table decorations or scented candles of dried cinnamon and orange sticks can give a gentle smell. Even paper lanterns in yellow or warm orange colours look great when hung together in bunches. This can be a great way to keep your guests warm during the crisp autumn weather.

  1. Opt For An Autumn Menu

With the evening and days turning colder, autumn is a great time for warm comfort food. Start with seasonal soups and then follow it with a warm chicken casserole or mustard mash potatoes. For the desserts, you can have fruit pie and custard or chocolate puddings which melt in the mouth. From cranberries and pomegranates to sweet potatoes and pumpkins, incorporate autumnal ingredients into the menu to ensure guests get into the seasonal spirit.

  1. Emphasise On Entertainment

Adding a touch of entertainment is a must when you opt for a wedding marquee hire in Surrey for an autumn wedding. Consider having a firework display and light a large bonfire to make the most of those darker evenings. Even flying Chinese lanterns look beautiful when they are let off all at once and can be an unforgettable part to the special day. However, ensure everything you do is eco-friendly.

Time to plan a beautiful autumn wedding!