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If you are planning to hire a refrigeration trailer for the first time, you will notice that the hiring process is not as easy as you want it to be. Not only do you have to approach the right supplier but also choose an equipment which meets your requirements and budget. Having an extra cold storage will make it easier for you to keep your food and drinks cold for a longer period of time. Since the right trailer can help you save both effort and money, there are a few tips you can follow when hiring a refrigeration trailer.

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Few Tips To Follow When Hiring A Refrigeration Trailer In Farnham

  • Place It Near The Power Supply

Since the refrigeration trailer units are generally supplied with a limited lead, parking it near the power supply is highly advisable. If the distance between the power supply and the unit is too long, the length of the cable will be more and a voltage drop might occur. The easiest way to prevent the unit from dysfunction is by ensuring that the distance between the trailer and the power supply is minimal.

  • Get It Installed From Professionals

Though a majority of the companies offering catering equipment hire in Farnham will let you self-tow the refrigeration trailer you have hired, you will have complete peace of mind if they deliver it to your preferred location and arrange a pick-up after the event is over. You don’t have to worry about additional license entitlements and insurance if you can get the units installed by some experienced technicians.

  • Move It Safely

Companies offering chiller trailer hire in Farnham suggest to their customers not to move the trailer after it has been properly positioned and stabilised by professionals. You need to connect the equipment to a power source, and trying to move it yourself after the installation can compromise your safety. If the refrigeration trailer isn’t level, not only will it lead to incorrect draining but it can also damage the coil and fan. If you ever require moving the trailer, get in touch with the supplier instead of trying a DIY.

  • Don’t Adjust The Temperature

If you are opting for refrigeration trailer hire, make sure you don’t try to adjust the set temperature yourself as there are high chances for you to access the operating parameters accidentally. The unit might not operate efficiently if the controller gets tampered, ask the supplier to set the unit to your required temperature so that you don’t have to alter it during the hire period.

  • Keep Doors Shut

A very common reason why a refrigeration trailer becomes incapable of holding temperature is because the customers often leave the doors open. Though it makes it easier for them to access the goods inside it, it can actually harm the machinery in the long run. You can ensure smooth operation of the refrigeration trailer by keeping the doors shut when possible.

Follow the tips stated above when hiring a refrigeration trailer and enjoy a hassle-free hire.