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Not every company offering catering services in Guildford is aware of the fact that hiring a chiller trailer can help them to make their services more efficient. This is a why a majority of the companies offering chiller trailer hire regard caterers to be one of their most loyal customers. Just make sure that the chiller you are hiring is not only capable of offering reliable cold storage but also uses state-of-the-art technology. Caterers can enjoy access to cold food and beverages even when the cold storage doesn’t have direct access to the main power.

Chiller Trailer And Marquee Hire

Generally, a majority of the venues have built-in cold storage facilities on their own premises. But if your client has opted for marquee hire in Guildford to host their event, there are high chances that you will have difficulties in gaining access to a fridge or cold storage.

The best you can do is to hire a chiller trailer so you can carry on with your catering operations. This will let you serve your potential customers at the location they have opted for. When you get in touch with a reliable company offering the equipment, you don’t have to worry about keeping your food cold and fresh even if the freezer or cold room in your venue breaks down.

chiller trailer hire

3 Benefits Of Opting For Chiller Trailer Hire In The Catering Business

  • Store As You Prepare

If you have undertaken a big wedding assignment, there is a high chance that you have to cook and serve food to hundreds of guests. Since you can’t prepare all the items on the wedding day, it’s advisable to start with the food preparation at least a few days before the event. If you opt for a chiller trailer hire, you can use it to transfer all the food you are preparing, just don’t forget to lock the door and keep your food safe.

  • Easy Set-Up

Just hire a chiller trailer and you will have complete freedom to set it up anywhere you feel like. This is one of the primary reasons why caterers opt for chiller trailer hire instead of refrigerated vans, they can set it up at a place according to their requirements. Just make sure that you choose a suitable spot which will not only reduce the walking time but also make the final food preparation easier for you.

  • Spacious

If you are willing to increase the efficiency of your catering business, make sure you opt for a chiller trailer with a larger cold storage capacity. This is primarily because it will become easier for caterers to handle everything on site if the chiller trailer has more capacity. The large trailers even have advanced features like shelving and interior lights, a large chiller trailer is more like a walk-in cooler on wheels.

Since hiring a chiller trailer can offer so many benefits to caterers, it’s time you rent a suitable one for your catering business and increase its efficiency.