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With a big event coming up, are you on the lookout for ways to keep your food and beverages chilled throughout the event? Are you thinking of getting extra cold storage? Trust us; hiring refrigerated trailers and portable chiller units can be the key to a smooth event.

Whether it be a wedding reception, a birthday party or a corporate occasion, serving chilled food and drinks to guests can make a huge difference to your event. Renting portable chiller units and refrigerated trailers can be the ideal way to keep your food and drinks cool during the event. What makes chiller trailer and refrigeration trailer hire a great asset for every catering event is that they can help ensure that their guests have a memorable time.

Check out the handy guide below to learn what makes hiring refrigerated trailers and chiller units the perfect solution to your catering problems! 

Key Benefits Of Opting For Refrigeration Trailer Hire

  1. Stable Temperature

When you hire refrigerated trailers from a leading company, you can always count on the maintenance of stable temperatures. The temperature of the cold storage is closely monitored and maintained through its precise operating features. You can be assured of the good quality and integrity of the food and drinks.

  1. Facilitates Catering

Another great benefit of opting for catering equipment hire in Haslemere is that refrigerated trailer rental services can ease catering. The location and distance of the venue won’t be a problem at all since the mobility of the catering equipment can help a lot. Even if the event is held outdoors, catering won’t be a problem with the cold storage trailer hire.

  1. Short & Long-Term Hiring

This is another great benefit of renting refrigerated trailers from a reputed service provider. Refrigerated trailers can be hired both for a shorter period as well as for a longer time. This means that you can hire trailers as per your preferences.

Tips To Plan The Perfect Chiller Trailer Hire For Your Occasion

  • Choose A Spot Where The Trailer Can Be At Level

Perhaps, this is the foremost consideration to keep in mind when opting for chiller trailer hire. Numerous different problems can arise if you position the refrigerated trailer on a ground which isn’t level, making a huge impact on your event.

For instance, if the cold storage isn’t on level ground, the trailer’s doors may be difficult to open and close. Additionally, you may have issues with blocks of ice forming at wrong places in the cold storage if it has been in defrosting mode on unlevel ground.

  • Ensure Power Supply

When planning your event, putting the chiller unit close to a power supply should be your topmost priority. Portable chiller units need an abundant amount of power to ensure a moderate temperature is maintained, especially during the summer months.

So what are you still waiting for? Quickly approach a reputed company and hire portable chiller units and refrigerated trailers to keep the food and drinks chilled throughout the event. Time to plan for a successful event!

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