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Planning a marquee event is more exciting than you think. Not only can you decorate the blank canvas the way you want but even choose the venue according to your preference and convenience. You don’t have to face any design restrictions. The chairs and tables can be selected according to your wedding theme. You can exercise your own choice of catering services.

If you are willing to reap all the benefits offered by a marquee, enhance your knowledge about the hiring process. There are a few vital points you need to consider if you want the company providing marquee hire in Guildford to provide you with an accurate estimate.

2 Prime Points To Consider For A More Accurate Marquee Hire Quotation

  • Number Of Guests

Choosing a marquee of the right size will become easier if you consider the number of people you are planning to invite. Share this with your marquee specialist and let them know whether you are looking for a concert or theatre-style layout. A bigger marquee will be required if you want all your guests to be seated at the same time or if you want a dining style layout with guests seated at tables.

  • Site Inspection

Ask the company offering marquee hire to visit the site and inspect it. It is easier to erect a marquee on a flat site with grass or on any level surface. If the professionals feel that the site is uneven or sloping, they will install special flooring. People opting for catering equipment hire in Guildford should also ensure that the location gets direct vehicle access. The distance between the lorry and the site won’t be too long.

3 Things To Consider For The Best Marquee Interiors

  • Internal Lining

Whether you can include internal lining or not is dependent on the type of event. Pleated ivory linings look really good in wedding marquees and high profile events. You can also opt for bespoke lining tailored on-site. Internal lining drapes might not be required if you are hosting a birthday party.

  • Flooring

The floor is a vital thing to consider during marquee hire in Surrey. Though people generally opt for a wooden floor, you can even include a carpet depending on the type of event. One of the primary benefits of opting for the latter is that you can choose from a wide range of carpets in various colours.

  • Lighting

The lighting is also a vital thing to consider as it impacts the appeal of the interiors. Not only is it used as the main source of light but decorative lighting also helps in setting the mood. The white globe chandelier is quite modern and considered a standard lighting option.

These being said, it’s time you consider the points stated above and you can hire the most suitable marquee for your event.