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One of the main reasons why the refrigeration trailer you have hired might not perform according to your expectations is because you don’t know how they work. This is why enhancing your knowledge about how these units work is always advisable before you start looking for a reliable company offering refrigeration trailer hire services.

What Are They Used For?

The primary function served by a refrigeration trailer is to maintain the temperature of the food items inside them so that you can install one near the marquee hired in Guildford and serve cold food items and beverages to your guests. They keep the temperature of the food items inside it stable by removing every sort of increased heat, the moisture in the air is condensed which helps in controlling the humidity.

How They Prevent Heat From Entering?

There are various ways through which heat can enter the refrigeration trailer, one of them is the walls. Approach a reliable company offering refrigeration trailer hire and you can stay assured that the walls will be insulated in such a way so as to prevent heat from entering. There might also be a crack in the door seals or a few gaps between the door openings through which heat can flow. A steel bolt is often used as the conductor to prevent heat waves from passing.

4 Ways Through Which The Temperature In A Refrigeration Trailer Is Kept Stable

  • Adequate airflow
  • Excess heat is removed by its sufficient BTU capacity
  • The inflow of additional heat is prevented by its thermal integrity
  • Air velocity is kept sufficient so that it can flow through the load.

Why Hire A Trailer Instead of Buying?

Unless you require the trailer too often, opting for a refrigeration trailer hire is always a wise decision than buying one. If you want to assure proper procedures to be followed while loading and stacking and the 4 components stated above to work properly, the refrigeration trailer require maintenance on a regular basis.

3 Vital Parts Of A Refrigeration Trailer

  • The Compressor

A small engine is required for the compressor to work. Its primary function is to draw and compress gaseous refrigerant inside it. The pressure is used to liquefy the gas.

  • The Condenser

The warm liquid from the compressor is then pumped into the condenser which acts as the heat exchanger. The warmth from the liquid flows to the walls of the tubing and is finally cooled.

  • The Evaporator

There is a metering valve in the evaporator through which the refrigerant which has turned into a cool liquid under pressure passes. The valve will control the amount of refrigerant which will be released inside the evaporator. It finally expands and become gas.

Since you now know that the working mechanism of a Refrigeration trailer Hampshire is a lot more complicated than you think, it’s time you start looking for a reliable company offering refrigeration trailer hire and let them ensure that it is working properly.