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The demand for refrigeration trailers is always quite high, especially in Guildford. They have nowadays become an integral part of the logistics and catering industry. If you want to transport some temperature-sensitive goods a few miles, hiring a refrigeration trailer becomes necessary. You will be surprised to know that sometimes they are used to transport perishable goods hundreds of miles to reach their destination.

You can reap numerous benefits by hiring the trailer provided it is in good condition. Issues might crop up in it occasionally which require immediate attention. These issues will prevent the trailer from cooling properly. Since a majority of the goods transported in them are sensitive, identifying the issues at the earliest is a must. This will prevent the cargo from becoming unusable or spoiled.

Hiring A Refrigeration Trailer? Know The Common Issues In It

  • Fluid Leaks

Since refrigeration trailer is basically a vehicle, issues like fluid leaks are very common. If you notice that oil is leaking from the engine, get in touch with the company you have approached for Refrigeration trailer hire. They have an experienced team who know how to prevent fluid leaks and other cooling issues. The source of the leak is identified before the issue is repaired. All the areas which support the cooling abilities of the trailer are minutely examined.

  • Faulty Equaliser Tubes

The primary task of the equaliser tubes is to control the flow of liquid refrigerant entering the evaporator. They are an integral part of the entire cooling system. If you ever notice a fluid leak from the trailer, this is one of the first places you should check. Fluid leaks from the equaliser tube should be repaired as soon as possible as they can lead to ineffective cooling. If you are one of the companies offering catering equipment hire in Guildford and want to rent a refrigeration trailer, check the condition of the equaliser tubes first.

  • Air Leaks

Air leaks in refrigeration trailers are as common as fluid leaks. Cool air can easily escape from the vehicle if the seals are not effective. Not only will cool air leak through the leaks but even warm air will enter. Since identifying air leaks is indeed a challenging task, make sure you hire the refrigeration trailer from a reputed company. The vehicles get regular maintenance and routinely serviced. If you are not sure which company you should approach, talk with a professional organiser in Haslemere.

  • Calibration For Sensors

The primary function of the calibrators in a refrigeration trailer is to regulate the temperature. The goods can get damaged if the calibrators become faulty. Hire a trailer with calibration sensors so that drivers get alerted every time there is a change in the temperature. They can give accurate alerts and readings. Inspect the sensors at fixed intervals as they might develop an issue.

Since you now know how to deal with the common issues in your refrigeration trailer, it’s time you start looking for a renowned company offering the vehicles on hire.