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Summer in the UK is never over sans a marquee party or a marquee wedding. The soothing race of sun, gentle breeze, happy laughter, melodious music, chatting and the fun of a relaxed shade under the marquee is what everyone will remember. Marquee is a rooftop that is open on every side. These are perfect for outdoor entertainment parties. Marquee hire Guildford has come up as the latest venue for celebrating special events. Such events may include a wedding party, corporate events, and product launch parties. You can hire a marquee from a reputable contractor. Such contractors can help you get the right one without breaking your bank. If you are not sure whether or not you should hire a marquee, let’s have a look below.

  • Independence of choosing a venue – As you decide to hire a marquee, you are free to choose any venue. You can select the location as per your taste, budget, and convenience. Whether you want countryside, village, ground, beach or any open facility, a marquee can provide you with any as per your wish.


  • No restriction on the number of invitees – If you are going to arrange a corporate event or a wedding party, finding the right location can be difficult. This is mostly due to the issue of accommodating the guests. Your venue should be large enough to accommodate all the invitees. With a fixed venue, it can be challenging. However, with a marquee, you don’t need to worry about that. You have no restriction on the number of guests you can invite. Just invite your guests and accommodate them in a beautifully arranged outdoor marquee.


  • Any design of your wish – In case, you hire a resort or a hotel for an event, there will be certain restrictions on the designs. You might not get a scope to decorate as per your choice of decoration, colour, and drapes. Nevertheless, with a marquee hire Surrey, you can decorate it as per your wish. You can choose your preferred colour theme, drapes, lighting fittings, and furniture. You can also pick chairs and tables of your choice.


  • Selection of caterer of your choice – Whether it is a wedding party, birthday party, a corporate event or anything else, the key thing that people will remember is the food. If you hire a gazebo, you will be free to choose a caterer of your preference. However, hotels and resorts usually insist on only their own catering service only.


  • Affordable – Hiring a porch is less expensive than hiring a fixed venue like a resort or a hotel. This is the chief reason behind the incredible popularity of such a facility. Collect price quotes from at least 3 to 4 contractors. Compare the price and other significant determinants before making the final decision.


  • Privacy – Privacy is always assured with marquee hire Hampshire. The guests that will be present at your party are known to you. However, this is often a miss with resorts or hotels. They typically organise multiple events, at the same time.

With a marquee hire, you can reap a number of benefits. You will get the independence of choosing a venue. There will be no restriction on the number of invitees. You can choose any design of your wish. You can make the selection of caterer of your choice. Moreover, marquees are affordable and they ensure privacy.

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