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If you are looking for a suitable venue for your lavish and elaborate wedding, just approach a renowned company offering marquee hire. A majority of them have years of experience in providing high-quality marquees for various events and gatherings. The right tent can enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor event drastically. If you are also willing to reap all the benefits offered by wedding marquees, debunking the common myths surrounding them is a must.

4 Common Myths About Marquee Hire In Guildford Have Been Debunked

  • “They Are Suitable Only For Summer Weddings”

Though a marquee can enhance the beauty of your summer wedding drastically, it does not necessarily mean that they are suitable only for summer events. A majority of the marquees are quite sturdy and can be used throughout the year. Not only do they provide adequate insulation but you can also install an advanced heating system if your wedding has been scheduled for the winter. It is not only about weddings but you can also hire one for your corporate event, music performance and other social gatherings.

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  • “They Are Too Expensive”

If you have not approached a renowned company offering marquee hire in Hampshire yet just because you think that their services are too expensive, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Get in touch with a few marquee suppliers and opt for one offering it at affordable prices. In fact, the amount you have to spend to hire a marquee is comparatively less than the rent of expensive wedding venues and event halls. You can also hire them for a shorter period of time according to your requirements and save a few extra bucks.

  • “Erecting Them Is Too Complicated”

This is one of the most common misconceptions people hiring a marquee for the first time beliefs. Just approach an experienced company offering marquee and catering equipment hire in Guildford and they will try their level best to customise their services to suit your specifications. Just inform them about the type of event you are planning to host and the number of people you are planning to invite. They will try to make the marquee hiring and installation processes easier by helping you choose a suitable location and prepare the area.

  • “They Can Be Erected Only On Smooth Grass Surfaces”

Though it is advisable to position your marquee on a flat area, it does not necessarily mean that you need a completely smooth grass surface. Approach a renowned company providing marquee hire in Guildford and they will provide the best marquees which can be erected practically anywhere and on any surface. Let marquee experts visit your property to assess the suitability of the location before suggesting the type of marquee you should hire.

Since the common myths surrounding marquee hire has been debunked, this is the right time you start looking for a renowned company offering them at a price which suits your budget.