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Do you have a major catering event coming up this summer? Thinking of ways to keep food and beverages cool throughout the party? Why not get some extra cold storage, then? Trust us; opting for chiller trailer hire can be the key to throw a memorable party and ensure your guests have a great time.

Whether it’s a corporate event, a wedding reception, a birthday party or an anniversary celebration, offering chilled food and drinks to guests are very important in the hot summer months. Hiring portable chiller units can be the ideal way to serve freezing food and chilling beverages to guests. Widely preferred for their premium quality, innovative design and durable engineering, these units are ideal for events of all sizes.

Here’s everything you need to know about opting for portable chiller unit rentals!

When Should You Hire Trailers?

Trailers can be your ideal choice if-

  • You have portable refrigeration needs
  • You prefer exterior cold storage
  • You need to accommodate an outdoor event
  • You have portable refrigeration needs

chiller trailer hire

When To Hire Walk-In Chillers?

Hiring a walk-in chiller can be the perfect choice for an event if-

  • You are seeking long-term rental options
  • You prefer interior cold storage
  • You need easy-to-access cold storage
  • You have the additional space for accommodating a walk-in unit

Ways To Plan For Reliable Chiller Trailer Hire

  1. Choose A Spot Where The Trailer Is On Level Ground

When opting for catering equipment hire in Haslemere, this is an important aspect to keep in mind. Ensure you choose a place where the portable chiller unit can be positioned on the level ground. This is because; numerous different issues can arise if you position the unit on a piece of ground which isn’t level, making a huge impact on your event.

  1. Request The Temperature To Be Set Beforehand

Making mistakes with temperature control is very easy in a chiller unit. While adjusting the temperature up or down, you may end up with completely different results which you don’t know how to correct. So when planning for refrigeration units, ensure you ask for the temperature to be set beforehand by the company you are hiring from.

  1. Make Sure You Plan For The Power Supply

Putting the refrigeration unit close to a power supply should be your priority. Portable chiller units need to have power for ensuring a consistent temperature is maintained throughout. So if the unit is positioned far away from the power supply, there may be a drop in the trailer’s voltage.

Time to opt for reliable chiller trailer hire and make your upcoming event a huge success!