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Do you wish to organise a memorable christening party for your baby? Thinking of ways to add celebrity style to your kid’s naming ceremony? Opting for a premium quality marquee hire in Guildford can be the key to pulling off a brilliant christening party. Looking for inspiration on how to add celebrity style to the ceremony? Read on.

No matter whether you are first-time parents or experienced parents, it’s lovely to have a christening ceremony to commemorate the birth of your child. Organising a naming ceremony can be the perfect start of a remarkable journey of faith for your kid and a special day for all your friends. And, adding celebrity style to your baby’s naming ceremony can be a great way to make your party a huge hit.

Listed below are a few useful tips to help you make the party enjoyable for one and all.

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Marquee Hire In Surrey: 4 Tips To Plan A Celeb-Style Christening Party For Your Baby

  1. Create A Sense Of Occasion

Making your baby’s christening party an occasion. Since invitations are the first glimpse of what your guests can expect, you need to use them wisely to create a buzz of anticipation around your upcoming event. Make sure you send them out well in advance so that the naming ceremony becomes a fixture in your guests’ diaries. Include a dress code for your party is important because when guests make a special effort in choosing an outfit, they feel the occasion is special.

  1. Keep It Elegant

Most celebrities choose to keep the christening simple yet elegant by organising the ceremony in a beautiful marquee on their lawn. So, if you want to have a celeb-style naming ritual for your baby, opting for stunning marquee hire in Hampshire can be the key to throwing a party your guests cherish for a long time. Whether you want to go for a sit-down lunch or want to have beautiful decorations, a marquee allows you to do whatever you want.

  1. Entertain Your Guests

Try working out the seating plan for the meal well in advance so that every guest can talk to someone they know or get on with easily. Have a proper order to the proceedings of the event so that there are no lengthy gaps with almost nothing much to do. Even though your budget may not stretch to giving celebrity-style goody bags to guests, one or two well thought out gifts will be much more appreciated than a bag of cheap fillers.

  1. Be The Modest Host

It is always advisable to hire a catering company and hire catering equipment instead of doing everything alone. You will never see a celebrity stacking the dishwasher or preparing food plates instead of mingling with guests. So you may either hire staff or ask your family members to help you do other specific jobs.

So what are you still waiting for? Find a reputed rental company which specialises in offering affordable marquee hire in Surrey and throw an unforgettable christening party for your baby!