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Recently, there has been an increase in the number of people hiring marquees for their d-day. You can make them look really stunning by using the right decoration and a bit of planning. They allow natural light and fresh air to enter easily. You can also hire an experienced professional who can help you choose the right wedding marquee and plan your event. Even the focus of the company offering catering equipment hire in Guildford is on helping you run the event smoothly.

Choose The Right Type Of Marquee

There are different types of wedding marquees available in the market. This is why choosing the best among them is indeed a challenge. Whether you are hiring the traditional marquees, the large dome-shaped framed marquees or the rustic looking marquees, they are all quite beautiful. The easiest way to choose the right shape and size is by considering your wedding theme, the location and the number of guests you are planning to invite.

It is easier to erect traditional marquees on a concreted area. Guide ropes are used to hold them up which makes them safer. It is not just about the type of marquee but the features you want inside are also important. Get in touch with an experienced company offering marquee hire in Hampshire and they will help you choose the right shape after listening to your ideas.

Plan It Properly

Though planning a marquee wedding looks quite easy, it is actually not so. This is why hiring an experienced wedding planner is highly advisable. Discuss your wedding theme with them and they will help you decorate the venue. You can also plan your wedding if you have a good network of friends and family. Just make sure that you are well-organised with prior experience in planning weddings.

Check The Parking

Car access and parking is another vital thing to consider when organising a wedding marquee. If the distance between the parking space and the marquee is long, they might require a lift. Even the bride won’t want to walk miles in her stunning wedding gown. It is not just about the guests but even the suppliers should be allowed close access to the marquee so that they can drop off the catering equipment hire Guildford and decorations with ease. The best is to set up a hard wooden walkway to join the marquee and the parking space,

Since you now know why planning a marquee wedding is a bit tough, approach the right company offering marquee hire surrey and have complete peace of mind.