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Organising a big outdoor event where large groups of people need to be fed? Looking for effective ways to keep the food fresh and beverages chilled? Hiring a refrigeration trailer in Surrey can be your best option. Wondering why you should choose freezer trailer units over other external cold storage options? Read on.

With summer in full swing, the season of outdoor events is upon us. Hosting an outdoor event in this warm weather can lead to spoilt food and warm drinks if you do not plan to provide cold storage beforehand. Be it a corporate event, a birthday party or a private function, refrigeration is necessary for ensuring the food and beverages remain in the best condition throughout the event. Moreover, refrigerated trailers are the ideal solution for events of all sizes.


5 Good Reasons To Hire A Refrigeration Trailer In Surrey For An Event

  1. Adequate Room For All Your Chilling Needs

One of the major reasons why you should hire refrigerated trailers when opting for catering equipment hire in Guildford is that they provide ample space for catering to all your freezing needs. Instead of worrying about ice packs and cooler boxes or transportation of multiple fridges, mobile refrigerated trailers offer a simple and easy solution. Owing to their adequate space, these units can take up huge quantities of food & beverages at a time.

  1. Easy Hire & Set Up

Refrigerated trailer units can be transported easily to any kind of location. This way, you can stay assured that your outdoor event will be fully equipped to keep food in perfect condition and offer chilled beverages until needed. Once the mobile refrigerated trailer is delivered to you, all you have to do is plug the trailer into a power supply. It will soon be chilled to zero degrees.

  1. Protects Your Food, Beverages & Saves Costs

During the hot summer months, it is more important for event organisers to have the right cooling facilities on-site for preventing unnecessary food wastage and spoiling. The investment which you make in renting refrigerated trailer units is easily made up in the costs which you save on drinks and food that would have gone bad otherwise. This makes refrigeration trailer in Hampshire worth the value.

  1. Helps You Organise The Event Smoothly

Ensuring your foods and beverages are at the right temperature is critical to maintaining your reputation as an event organiser. By serving fresh foods and chilled drinks to your guests throughout the event, you will be able to make your event a memorable one for your guests. Preserving the food in perfect condition is easy when you hire refrigerated trailers since you will have access to cold storage during the entire event.

  1. No-Hassle Arrangements

Hiring a refrigeration trailer in Surrey from a reputed rental company is completely hassle-free since they will deliver the unit directly to the location on the agreed date. The experts will set up the trailer, connect it to the power and even ensure that everything is in proper working condition. They will even handle it when the time to pick up the trailer comes.

Time to hire refrigerated units and make your upcoming event a hit!